Elegant portraits can be taken anywhere

Not working in a studio is no barrier to creating beautiful and sophisticated portraits. In fact working in a client's home can produce better results in my opinion because the person is far less stressed having their photograph taken in familiar surroundings than they would be in an unfamiliar studio. Having a relaxed and confident attitude contributes far more to a fantastic portrait than any amount of studio equipment.

Take for example this very sophisticated looking portrait.

Portrait of a womanSophiaSophisticated portrait taken in a client's home

It could easily have been taken in a full sized studio but in fact this was the behind the scenes set-up.

Woman seated surrounded by photographic equipmentSet up for portrait shootSet-up using a couple of flash guns with simple modifiers, a small reflector and a simple black background

So it really is possible to get fantastic images with a very simple and portable set up. Why not give me a call on 07734 417908 or email me (peter@peterbuxtonphotography.co.uk) so we can discuss how I could take some great portraits of you and your family?