Nature in the Abstract

Tree stumpTree stump

Sometimes an object just cries out to be photographed such as this old tree stump I saw whilst out walking in the Malvern Hills. I could see the photograph I wanted to make immediately and was already thinking about how it should look as I scrambled down to it. Photography books will often describe this as 'pre-visualisation' and make it sound really complicated but in reality it's just having a picture in one's minds eye and knowing what technical factors to chose to achieve the look you want. 

The stump was nearly monochrome in its natural state so a high contrast black and white image was an obvious choice so that the green background did not detract from the main shape. A slight green/yellow tint introduced in post processing brings out the organic nature of it. By cropping tightly to exclude most of the 'context' the image becomes semi-abstract. 

Making strong images is much more about leaving stuff out than including everything to be on the safe side. Albert Einstein has a quote that says something like: “Make it simple as possible, but not simpler.”


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