Disaster averted

Back up your files! How many times have you heard that? And to be honest I do back up regularly. But when the computer freezes and corrupts the camera card as you are importing the images for the first time you are a bit stuck. The first thing to do when Lightroom tells you there are no images on the disk is to not panic - the images are probably recoverable. Now there are plenty of firms that will try to recover them for you and many will charge a hefty sum but there are also plenty of DIY options. Some, particularly those with a fancy graphical interface will cost a fair bit to use but if you are comfortable with a terminal interface, and I am, there is a much cheaper alternative.

Digging around a bit on the Internet I came across PhotoRec which is free to use although the author, not unreasonably, asks for a donation if you find it useful. And so, after an hours wait whilst it did its stuff my images of the wonderful Anglo-Saxon church and Odda's Chapel at Deershurst were safely ensconced in Lightroom and properly backed up.

I regularly format the disk in the camera and, whilst I was reasonably confident of getting the recent images back, what did surprise me was that the software also found images I had long since deleted. I wouldn't want to rely on this but it just goes to show how long images you might think you have got rid of hang around.


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