Controlling the light with a Pringles tin


Using a flash, or speed light, allows you to produce all sorts of interesting effects once you use it off camera. A snoot or grid attached to the flash unit allows you to produce very directional light with no spill on to the background so that you can get very dramatic portraits like this one.

Unfortunately I didn't have either of these bits of equipment when I was doing a quick photoshoot with Vinay. Not to worry as I had an empty Pringles crisp tin with me. Well it wasn't actually empty when we started but we soon fixed that minor problem! By cutting a small hole in the side and pushing the flash unit into it I was able to make a perfectly adequate alternative as the silvered inside reflected most of the light and shot it out as a very narrow beam.

In retrospect I should have used the on camera flash turned down to its lowest setting, or a reflector, to produce a small catchlight in Vinay's right eye as that would have given the picture more life and character. 



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