The Beast from the East

The importance of always carrying a camera was brought home to me this week when I got caught up in a blizzard in London - The Beast from the East as the papers are calling it. On this occasion it was short lived and, within half an hour had  given way to bright sunshine with glorious opportunities for some great images. Rather than be content with a straightforward picture I did quite a lot of work on it to achieve a more artistic and impressionistic look that I think suits the atmosphere and conveys the experience better.

  Black and white impressionist style image of street scene in the snow with a postbox and a woman walking. 55 Broadway LondonArt deco building in the snow rendered in an impressionist style

The wonderful Art Deco building in the background is 55 Broadway that was built as the Headquarters for London Underground.

Elegant portraits can be taken anywhere

Not working in a studio is no barrier to creating beautiful and sophisticated portraits. In fact working in a client's home can produce better results in my opinion because the person is far less stressed having their photograph taken in familiar surroundings than they would be in an unfamiliar studio. Having a relaxed and confident attitude contributes far more to a fantastic portrait than any amount of studio equipment.

Take for example this very sophisticated looking portrait.

Portrait of a womanSophiaSophisticated portrait taken in a client's home

It could easily have been taken in a full sized studio but in fact this was the behind the scenes set-up.

Woman seated surrounded by photographic equipmentSet up for portrait shootSet-up using a couple of flash guns with simple modifiers, a small reflector and a simple black background

So it really is possible to get fantastic images with a very simple and portable set up. Why not give me a call on 07734 417908 or email me ( so we can discuss how I could take some great portraits of you and your family?

At least dawn is later now

With the days getting shorter and Autumn nearly on us there is one great advantage for the landscape photographer - getting up for dawn pictures doesn’t need an unfeasibly early alarm! The time around dawn is my absolute favourite time for getting the best light for stunning landscapes - far better in my opinion than sunset. The low light combined with some early mist is hard to beat.

sun rising over low mist. Silhouette of trees and fence and gate.Dawn Early morning in the countryside around the Malvern Hills Not that every trip yields worthwhile images but you certainly won't get them if you stay in bed - tempting though that is when the alternative is to get up before it is light. This morning, however, was absolutely fantastic and well worth the effort of an early start.

Wedding of the Year


I have just finished editing the images of Heather and David's wedding from last weekend where I was privileged to be able to capture some of the magic of the day for them. Getting the 'formal' portraits is important but I find it is the shots between the posed ones that truly capture the emotion of the day. And whilst I love black and white for portraiture I realise that couples also want to have memories in colour too so I always offer both.

But isn't the blog title a bit over the top? Not at all for this couple and their family there is no question and I hope my images, more of which can be seen here, remind them of this happy occasion for years to come.

If you would like to have some lasting memories of a special occasion like a wedding or just want to capture a fun time with your family why not give me a call on 07734 417908 or email

The camera really doesn't matter

Nearly every photographer will have been asked, by someone admiring their photographs, what camera they use. Some photographers get very irritated by this assuming the enquirer thinks that if they had a similar camera they too could take similar pictures. Such questions don't irritate me as I think they are a good opportunity to educate someone on what does make a good picture.

Richard Dunn parody of Celine Dion singing All by Myself at Las Vagas airportRichard Dunn parody video

The camera is just a tool, what you create with that tool is the important thing. Whilst it is true that some tools have more technical capabilities than others all this means is the photographer must shape their creativity to match the tool available. A great example of this is a video made by Canadian Richard Dunn when he was stuck overnight at Las Vagas airport. Using just his iPhone, some sticky tape, and various items of luggage he produced a fantastic parody of Celine Dion's 1996 cover of "All By Myself."

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

For the record, I normally shoot with either an Olympus OMD em1 or and Olympus OMD em10. However some of my most popular images were shot and edited on an iPhone, and no, I'm not going to tell you which ones. Why? Because it doesn't matter what tool was used only what was created.


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